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Re: reg bidi


It has been the goal of my life to produce a Persian enabled
distro, and I have spent my whole adult (and some teenager) life
on that, but I don't see it happen before one more couple of
years to be really really optimistic.  So I beg you to send me
yours when you're done ;).

Serious now, get your hands to Arabbix and Shabdix.  None of them
are complete, and actually far from the best you can get.  But
getting more than them needs really hard work.  And most probably
you should not need FriBidi directly.  Both GNOME and KDE have
their own working bidirectional algorithm (to be honest, GNOME
uses FriBidi internally).  What you need to do is perhaps to
produce the keyboard layout, fonts, translation, packaging...

Good luck

On Wed, 21 Jan 2004, Chaudhary arian wrote:

> salamz...sir we are a group of five students completing our bacheolars in
> computer science and our final year project involves implementation of bi
> directional algorithm for urdu (a language much similiar to arabic) in
> knoppix  ...we have studied bi directional algo and now we want to get
> started on the implentation part in order to build an urdu live cd
> supporting bidi algo (that is typing of urdu date or english letters from
> right to left and rest of urdu letters from left to right)...in this regard
> i would like u to plz guide us as to how to get started and which libraries
> ( i heard of freebidi) to include where in our knoppix cd ...........plz
> give an elaborate answer as soon as possible ...thanking u in advance....
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