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Re: C program & VB functions

On Thu, Jan 15, 2004 at 05:59:59PM -0500, Musab Al-Rawi wrote:
> it seems that ppl here jump into conclusions so fast !
> for the 3rd or may be 4th time : i am not in love with VB and actully i 
> don't even know VB ! i just want to get the bidi bug fixed in Putty using 
> whatever windows provides, not cuz i am not a "real programmer" like some 
> are implying .. simply it is becuz they asked me to do it this way !
> it would be much better to help instead of criticizing either directly or 
> indirectly
> thanks for the 'help' !


I am not getting involved in this language bashing party (unless it's
Perl vs. Python ;) -- but seriously though, from what I understand from
PuTTY's authors (search the list archives here for previous discussions
and threads), they want a BiDi implementation that is OS-agnostic. That
essentially means that whatever MS provides is a no-no. Else, it would
have been implemented a long time ago ;)

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