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Re: Putty Testers please...

--- ahmad khalifa <ahmadkhalifa at hotmail dot com> wrote:
> >Ahmad, I can see that some Arabic characters (in random locations)
> >are shaped (oddly, but shaped) while other complete lines are't.
> umm, the first line is Shaped as it should be... the shaping function needs
> checking... the rest of the lines werent called into the shaping function
> correctly... anyway i fixed that...
> im going to lay low for a few days, to work on the shaping function...
> if anyone needs the fixed .exe i'll email it to him, cuz its not worth 
> sending to merlin12345 to upload...

I'd love to continue debugging this (plus I thought "merlin12345" said
you can ask for your own account so you can upload on your own - I still
think there are plenty of free webspace options out there which will
serve you well in many other instances).

> >In all, I would not say that shaping is working just yet, but we
> >do have window's claws out of putty, that's for sure :-)  I also
> >don't think the flipping hack is working either.  If you are at
> >a loss since you did all that Simon suggested, reply back and CC
> >him for further direction(s).
> nope, shaping is not fully working, but the rest is (ISA) just a little
> Debugging... the flipping works for me if you force a redraw (i.e minimize
> and maximize)... did u do that..?

No I didn't.  BTW: you might want to start naming the .exe with the
day's date (since we seem to have lots of 'em now and more to come).
In other words, putty-20040227.exe or similar.

> i also get a strange flipping of Alef-Lam chars...(i.e they're in
> logical order (i.e LTR (i.e KB input order)))

Don't know what to tell you.  Once the shaping is a position where you
are comfortable with it, we'll need to ping Simon again and hopefully
have him answer all our final questions (mostly about which Bidi code
to use and where to plug it in).


 - Nadim

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