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Re: Bayani

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On Thursday 26 February 2004 12:40, Baker Abdulhaq wrote:

> GNU Scientific Library GSL have  great functions that are very useful
> for curve fitting (not only linear).  (
> http://www.gnu.org/software/gsl/  ) I think it can bey helpful.  Curve
> fitting is very interesting for many areas from physics to economics. I
> think such a program will have useful application in the universities.

Yeah, that's the spirit behind Bayani ;-)

> >I am actually the only developer of Bayani. There are "lots" of TODOS (in
> >fact, you can't even imagine the number :-). Please let me know if you are
> >interested to work at least on one of the two issues above. There is also
> > the postscript issue, but it may be boring.
> Sure, I am interesting in the work.

On the fitting algorithms ? If so, OK then.

I would like first to be sure that you know where to start.

Have you an experience with C/C++ ? CVS ? Or are you in a learning process ?

In either case, please have a look at the files:


These contain the definition/implementation that Bayani uses for the time 

I suggest that, as an introductory exercise, you write a smallish C++ class 
that fits linearly a set of data (there is no algorithm to implement, since 
there is an analytical solution).

In a test program (independent from Bayani) you would create an object and fit 
a small set of data :-) Don't take care of the errors that would be 
associated with the data [therefore, the fit parameters will be given without 
errors on them].

I hope this makes sense.

Please let me know as soon as possible if this suits you or not, and don't 
hesitate to ask !

I know that if you are familiar with C++, this would look like a very childish 
test ;-) It is necessary though, as it will be our basic template for the 
complicated work that awaits us ;-)

Salam and please let me know quickly about your plans :)

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Youcef R. Rahal
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