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Arabic OCR info

Apologies in advance to pick on you gentlemen, but after some web
research it was apparent that the Arabic OCR research community
was rather small and centered around those included (do please
let us know if we missed anyone that we should contact).



a grassroots not-for-profit Open Source volunteer community, is
looking into Arabic OCR solutions and we'd be indebted to you if
you can help us a bit with the following questions,

 1. To your knowledge, are there any Open Source Arabic OCR
    solutions available ?  If so, can you please provide a
    URL and some contact info ?

 2. To your knowledge, are there any resources we could use
    (papers, books, published algorithms, etc) to implement
    something on our own ?  Any leads would be helpful.

 3. To your knowledge, is there a group or an effort that we
    can get involved with to attain an Open Source Arabic OCR
    solution (given one doesn't already exists) ?

 4. To your knowledge, which of the various Open Source OCR
    solutions (that do not include Arabic support) is the most
    advanced and is worth pursuing and augmenting (from the
    likes of GOCR, ClaraOCR, etc).


We thank you profusely in advance for your help.  Do please CC
the 'developer' list on your replies.

Regards & Salam.

 - Nadim