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Re: how can I help (was - Quick tutorial)

 Al salamo alikom
i am using a plain text "wallahy" !! i am using mail client and use plain text option .
i think i have not a surfed enough on the we bsite
thanks Nadim for replay
Ahmed Hashim
-------Original Message-------
Date: 02 فبراير, 2004 11:29:43 م
Subject: Re: how can I help (was - Quick tutorial)
In the future, please don't mail using HTML (use plain text).
--- Ahmed Hashim <hashimbasha at hotmail dot com> wrote:
> i have joined this group and mail-lists from about 3 months, but really
> i am unhappy because i am an inactive member, i did not effect this group
> or the Arab Eyes projects at all.
The first step to a change is to realize what you note above ;-)
> 1-The problems discussed in the developers mail list are many and not
> clear for new members.
Feel free to ask questions.
> 2-almost all issues based on the previous work on the projects
True and not-so-true. An example I can point is Musab Al-Rawi's recent
conduct (he's a great newbie to follow and learn from in terms of steps
taken to bring forth a solution). He joined our group about 3-4 weeks
ago, read the TODO on our wiki and asked what he could work on. PuTTY
was suggested, he asked lots of questions, contacted various people that
had already looked this before to get a solid footing on the topic and
published (to this list) his plan and his goals, etc. This "self-drive"
approach is a must since we are a relatively small community that doesn't
(nor will anytime soon) have people to hand-hold others. Don't get me
wrong, we are here to help but we can't spoon-feed people and a level of
independence is an implicit requirement. Find something you'd like to
work on (or look at what we've identified so far on the wiki - the TODO
list) and start asking questions on how best to realize a solution, etc.
> 3-new member don't know how this projects "finished" developed.
You mean status of various projects ?
> 5-the development lifecycle of the projects is not known
Again, you mean status of various projects ?
> 6-there is no good documentation about the achieved project
The various sub-project pages (like vim's or katoob's, etc) are supposed
to answer the above question. If it's lacking, please tell us how.
> 7-the source code of the project is not documented well
I think this is a case-by-case issue and this problem is not isolated to
Arabeyes only (all organizations have this problem), hopefully the developer
guideline, once finished and instituted should help enforce this blemish.
> 8-the arab eyes projects is not available on the market
> i.e there is no company i can get the products from it or copy it, i must
> download
We are more than open to hear or get in touch with vendors, shops and/or
organizations looking to partner-up on this front. The recent Gitex was
a perfect example of what we'd really like to see more of (we all want to
reach as wide an audience as we can).
BTW: that is 'Arabeyes' (not 'Arab eyes' or 'Arab Eyes' or 'ArabEyes').
> 9-some products like Qouran is not deployed well.
You need to be more specific. Unfortunately, the main developer of that
project (Mohammed.Yousif) seems to have a rather frequent case of
"disappearance" (ie. he tends to disappear for a month or two often)
which really hurts the project's immanent success.
> 10-there is no request for help in any issue.
The wiki (http://wiki.arabeyes.org/ArabeyesTodo) as well as various
calls (some on this list, others on the 'general' list) as well as
various posts on the homepage and sub-projects aren't enough ?
This is a serious comment which I would like to get more info on. Is this
true ? Are people not aware that we need help or is this a case of not
having surfed enough on the site to know otherwise ?
> i am confused, i finished my project on the faculty which a text editor
> support arabic, implements ordering, shaping and all problems, and another
> one which client-server App.
You ought to give us a URL then :-) It might be of use to others out there.
> but when i look to this todo http://www.arabeyes.org/viewtodo.php?todoid=81
> it is the first time to know about CUPS and it is good but in the todo there
> is no description about the task.
And that's why we are here to help. We can't clutter the TODO list with
details to overwhelm a person (and also alot of the topics there require
some research on to get and establish a portfolio of knowledge on).
> i hope that the responsible can think in my ideas and i can help in it.
> if any brother want to tell me any advice send me private mail.
Thank you for your comments (keep them coming - we are always open and
look forward to improving this community) and we look ahead to seeing
you MUCH more active.
Beyond what you note above - did you find something you'd like to work
on ? Is the printing issues an area you'd be willing to commit to and
go forward and research things on ?
  - Nadim
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