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Re: Arabic vim

--- Gamal Hegazi <ghegazi at hotmail dot com> wrote:
> Good job you did with the arabic vim, it works fine with me now on
> both UNIX (Sun Solaris) and on Cygwin (on a Dell PC).  However, I
> still can't get it to print the Arabic text.  I generated a ps file
> by using ha: >file1.ps, but then when I do "lp file1.ps" the page
> comes out empty.  Also I can't see the Arabic text in ghostview
> (all characters are ?'s).  Help?

Come to think of it - I never looked into printing within VIM
(there is way too much involved there including postscript issues,
vim's grokking of it, etc).  You might want to contact the 'vimdev'


and point this issue/bug out to Bram (vim's main developer) to see
if they have interest in solving this (they should).  I don't have
any intentions in looking into this anytime soon.

As a midterm solution - use a different application to print your
documents (like a Mozilla browser, or the 'txtbdf2ps.pl' script or
katoob or ...)


 - Nadim

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