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Re: ITL status update before 0.6.3 + debian

--- Thamer Mahmoud <thamer at newkuwait dot org> wrote:
> The ITL library is now ready for testing and a new release. This is a
> minor release and I don't expect anything to break. Please go through
> the "make" && "make install" process, and then test the library. We want to
> be sure that nothing is broken at the moment.

Cool - will do.

> The following are some of the few remaining issues that may still need
> some pondering/answering:
> - Are there any Debian developers interested in sponsoring the ITL
>   package(s)?  The process of debianizing the ITL library is now
>   complete.  The produced packages are also lintian/linda clean. I'm
>   aware of the existence of debian-mentors, but I thought I should ask
>   here first. Comments regarding the content of the debian directory
>   are also welcome.

Ayman Negm (CC'ed) said he'd help - Ayman, so how 'bout it ?  We now
have a completely [L]GPL'ed version of 'hdate' and cousins (except its
far more improved and far more accurate :-).

> - We need to Debianize the itools as well.

Yup, do please see if you can lend a hand :-)  It would be ideal to get
both ITL-lib and ITL-itools into debian's APT at the same time.

> - Is the gcc -m32 flag necessary?

I think I needed that to compile on a sparc; having now just recompiled
without it, I'd recommend you remove it (it doesn't seem like I need it

Keep up the great work !!


 - Nadim

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