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ITL status update before 0.6.3 + debian

Assalamu Alaikom,

The ITL library is now ready for testing and a new release. This is a
minor release and I don't expect anything to break. Please go through
the "make" && "make install" process, and then test the library. We want to
be sure that nothing is broken at the moment.

What's new:

The main additions include a SWIG interface file to allow the creation
of library wrappers to access the library functions using other
programming languages (see www.swig.org). The new release will also
include deb packages (more on this below).

Also, there were some very minor bug fixes and slight documentation
improvements and polish. I updated The library build process and added
"make distclean" and we now link dynamicly with libc.

The following are some of the few remaining issues that may still need
some pondering/answering:

- Are there any Debian developers interested in sponsoring the ITL
  package(s)?  The process of debianizing the ITL library is now
  complete.  The produced packages are also lintian/linda clean. I'm
  aware of the existence of debian-mentors, but I thought I should ask
  here first. Comments regarding the content of the debian directory
  are also welcome.

- We need to Debianize the itools as well.

- Is the gcc -m32 flag necessary?

Thamer Mahmoud