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Re: Fwd: Re: a software library for multilingualisation

On Yaum al-Jumma 11 Rajab 1425 16:28, TAKAHASHI Naoto wrote:
> Munzir Taha writes:
> > You can check with professional fonts like Lotus Linotype or DecoType
> > fonts. It will be nice if you can post a screenshot with those fonts for
> > us to give feedback. The same poem verse please (I want to see why the
> > last shoud-be fatah on Alef with hamza0 appeared as a non-correct
> > positioning kasra between the alef and lam)
> I have confirmed that the original text sequence is:
> ..., meem, sukun, alef with hamza above, fatha, laam, kasra.
> I will check the rendering algorithm again.

Looks like you understand Arabic and can check yourself. Why didn't you say 
this from the beginning? ;)

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