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Re: Fwd: Re: a software library for multilingualisation

Munzir Taha writes:

> You can check with professional fonts like Lotus Linotype or DecoType fonts. 
> It will be nice if you can post a screenshot with those fonts for us to give 
> feedback. The same poem verse please (I want to see why the last shoud-be 
> fatah on Alef with hamza0 appeared as a non-correct positioning kasra between 
> the alef and lam)

I have confirmed that the original text sequence is:
..., meem, sukun, alef with hamza above, fatha, laam, kasra.
I will check the rendering algorithm again.

>> > Also, when I tested from the Demo on the website it seems as if it
>> > doesn't conform to Unicode BIDI. If I type Arabic then English, it
>> > doesn't behave as should be, at least AFAIk.
> >
>> Would you be more specific?  What characters in what sequence did you
>> use?  The m17n library uses the fribidi library for BIDI reordering,
>> so we believe its result is reasonably reliable.

> Then almost my testing procedure is not correct ;)
> I Just typed any ARABIC and then any english in the same line. I exect to see 
> it visually as
> english CIBARA
> it appears as
> CIBARA english

Oh, I see.  It is because the base direction was fixed to left to
right.  We have just added a radio button to set the direction.
Please try it.

> How can I test then from the demo? any thing like Qt examples or gtk-demo?

All we have is the sample programs in the source tree.  We have to
admit the contents are very poor now.  We are doing our best, but we
are a very small group.  Sorry.

ntakahas at m17n dot org