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BiDi extension for Mozilla MailNews and for Thunderbird


(as was suggested to me when I brought it up in the public IRC session a while ago, I'm posting my notice to this list).

We (myself and another developer called Asaf Romano) are working on an directionality control extension for Mozilla MailNews and for Thunderbird, tentatively named bidimailpack. It adds menu items, keyboard shortcuts and toolbar buttons for switching from RTL to LTR, in both message composition and message display. It also contains direction auto-detection logic for incoming messages (which searches for the presence of an entire word in the Hebrew or the Arabic sections of the Unicode charset). It is based on previous work by 'Moofie' (he published an extension called 'hebmailpack', which we have further enhanced). The current development versions are available here:

for Mozilla suite MailNews:

for Thunderbird:

Note these are _not_ for release and will undergo changes, probably including an integration with the BiDiUI extension for the browser (http://bidiui.mozdev.org).

Comments and suggestions are most welcome.

Eyal Rozenberg