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no subject

salam developers, I am new here, 

My name is sanousy, 
I've joined newly to the project 2004,august 4th.

Just I want to get started, so, what to do??

I am a programmer, I have a nice experience in programming in c, c++
and somehow good trials in java, html, javascript, php, ... basic, visual basic,
vb.net , sql , oracle, mysql trials ... even cobol, 
and I have a good experience in IBM mainframes es9000, as400 aix(Unix) and pc
windows, dos ( the old man) , linux , apple (OS & programming in C )

have a nice background of mandrake and redhat linux just as a user.

I am clever, but I need a goal to concentrate on.

I wish to be something helpful in this project.

  |Best regards.                     |
  |Sanousy Howari.                   | 
  |Mobile phone: 00962 77 389205     |
  |work phone  : 00962 6  5694901    |
  |fax.        : 00962 6  5661953    |       
هل تحب أن تكون مميزاً؟ استخدم خدمة إم إم إس عبر موبايلك واستمتع بأحلى صوت وأحلى صورة