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Re: X.org influence

On Thursday 29 April 2004 01:40 am, Nadim Shaikli wrote:

> > > Behdad, I'd suggest you outline the glyphs that are needed for
> > > Farsi so we can at a min try to augment all our fonts with them.
> > > I'd also suggest you add the missing farsi fonts to KACST and
> > > re-release 'em under a different name (it is GPL after all) until
> > > such a time that the KACST folk take that requirement more seriously
> > > and we can open a more constructive dialog with them on this topic.
> >
> > Sounds good.  Is the name copyrighted?  If not, then no need to
> > change the name.  Behnam, can you provide a list of glyphs as per
> > the spec you have been involved in?
> We're still waiting for that list of glyphs :-)

Adapted from MAPS:
If more glyphs could be added it would be perfect. Particularly interesting 
and easy are: U0679, U0688, U0691, U06C7. Those need a bit more design: 
U06BA,  U06D2, U06D5. With those 7 extra characters it would also cover Urdu.

Please, behdad ask your team to add these 7 glyphs. This would be very 
valuable to all distros.  It shouldn't be a lot of work.

Thanks a lot

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