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CUPS Arabic support ?

Are there any plans to support the Arabic Language in CUPS' texttops filter ?
thats where i think the problem is, or thats where it should be dealt with.

if there arent any near plans to do so, we at Arabeyes.org would be happy to
supply a patch. and if so, would you be willing to accept the patch and include
it in your next releases, so we can get Arabic support out-of-the-box ?

printing UTF-8 files containing arabic text needs several text preparations, like
Shaping and Bidirectionality. the flag "rtol" in the file /charsets/utf-8 is not
sufficient to perform the Unicode Biderectional Algorithm (UAX #9), would you
be willing to support libraries that perform line Reordering, like FriBidi (which is
already included in many distros) or IBM's ICU ??

UAX#9 is here...

please CC 'developer at arabeyes dot org' with your reply, as there are people there interested in CUPS' arabic support.


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