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Re: u2ps - Is there any Arabic mail archives?

--- Yukihiro Nakai <ynakai at redhat dot com> wrote:
> http://bonobo.gnome.gr.jp/~nakai/u2ps/

BTW: you might consider starting a bona-fide project page for
     this wonderful app (a google search for 'u2ps' lead me
     no where :-)  We just want to make sure this app sticks
     around and gets included in all the right places/distros.

> > Why only emails ?  I'm assuming you are looking for testers if
> > that is the case, do please let us know - I'm sure various people
> > would love to really put your application to its paces in testing
> > and printing Arabic documents.
> Of course translator, testers and develepers are very welcome.

To Arabic speakers/readers, are there anyone Gnome users willing to
do a bit more testing and report back with your findings ?  Just take
all your UTF-8 documents and run them through 'u2ps' and list-out any

> > The above 3 issues (ie. Ossama's comments) are very relevant though.
> I feel relief because u2ps seems to get positive opinions.
> I was totally unfamiliar with Arabic handling.

Yeah, its a great tool - we hope to see more UTF-8 and Arabic support
in other print (or otherwise) applications.


 - Nadim

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