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Re: I would like to take Project.

Hello Nadja:

Welcome to Arabeyes. We are pleased that you are interested in joining our team. If you decided to work on a specific project or a todo list, we recommend that you send a message to (Please register first) :

doc at arabeyes dot org (for all translation, documentation projects)

developer at arabeyes dot org (for all development related projects)

general at arabeyes dot org (for all other)

and state what you are interested in, what you want to do with it, what you need to get started.

that is all you need to do to get started. If you have any problems, please don't hesitate to contact me.

BTW, we are often on irc at:

Server:	irc.freenode.net
Room:	#arabeyes



Mohammed Sameer wrote:
On Sun, Mar 07, 2004 at 10:52:27AM +0000, na al wrote:


I'm Computer sc.student in last year and new here.Iwould like to help in eny- or take eny-Project.The only Problem is that I dont know how to? I have registered and took look on all available.

But:How dose Arabeyse work?How do I take a one of TODO Projeckts and how should I know more about the Projeckt I'm taking?

I'm thenkfull for eny information.

Thanxs Nadja

I think that you can post to the developers' mailing list and say that
u want to take this and that, give an approximate time to finish, and
feel free to ignore it ;-)
u may search or ask about more info.

Donno, I'm not one of the core team


Developer mailing list
Developer at arabeyes dot org