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RE: putty and new .exe

From: Nadim Shaikli <shaikli at yahoo dot com>

Mr. A.Khalifa, were you ever able to patch the CVS head with Simon's
modified file ?  It would be rather nice to get a new PuTTY .exe to test
to get the patch adopted (the sooner this is done the better - do please
don't delay).  For the record, the patch applied without issue for me.


- Nadim

strange, i tried again and it just worked fine without rejects... the .exe is here... http://www.toomuchcookies.net/~arabeyes/putty-6.6-sgt.exe

it works fine for me.
i've been working on CP-1256 (and CP-1255) support for minibidi, but
since its complicating things, and minibidi is "mini", so i was thinking of
keeping CP-1256 support in putty's minibidi only.

anyway, i also rewrote the shaping to eliminate any remaining issues :)

Simon: about the ligature issue, we need your opinion. i have implemented
the following method

- during the shaping, if a ligature is found, its written to the first char and
the rest are shifted 1 position toward the left. this causes right aligned
paragraphs to look a bit strange. i.e right-aligned lines with 2 ligatures start
2 positions late.

a better approach is:
- the Bidi function would return a value indicating paragraph level,
 which is the paragraph's alignment, wether right or left. then the
 shaping function would shift all characters after each ligatures in the
 direction of the paragraph.

how do we proceed ?

my only modification to your patch are going to be the new shaping code
after you tell us how to proceed with the ligature issue, and CP-1255 and
CP-1256 support. i dont think ISO-8859-6 would be necessary.


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