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Font help

After close to 5 hours of various attempts, I am ready to say 'uncle' and
ask for someone's help.  I'm trying (per Anmar's request) to change the
latin fonts on our Khotot project to something better looking.  So I started
out with ae_Cortoba (out of shear chance) attempting to add to it the
bitstream Vera Sans.  I then tried to write something using both fonts and
got rather different results (using MS-Word).  The vera-sans is smooth and 
clean, mine came out a bit jagged and some characters darker than others.
I'm attaching a PDF, but its not shown there well (do note that the line
widths are different).  I'm no font expert (we continue to need someone who
is) and I've reached my saturation point and need assistance - I tried
various toggles and tried to mimic the two file's settings to no avail
(using FCP-4.0 and Fontlab-4.6).

Roozbeh/Behdad - have any ideas ?  Here are the two files involved (wasn't
there a Farsi font expert or something ?).  Anyone else ?

  - http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/sources/ttf-bitstream-vera/1.10
      (filename is Vera.ttf)
  - http://cvs.arabeyes.org/viewcvs/art/khotot/AAHS/ae_Cortoba.ttf

I'd be more than happy to mail the font to whomever for them to actually
see what I'm seeing.

Any help would be appreciated.


 - Nadim

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