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Re: [putty]Bidi + PuTTY - done

--- Owen Dunn <owend at chiark dot greenend dot org dot uk> wrote:
> "ahmad khalifa" <ahmadkhalifa at hotmail dot com> writes:
> > >From: Owen Dunn <owend at chiark dot greenend dot org dot uk>
> > >
> > > > The revised patch is available at
> > > >    http://www.tartarus.org/~simon/patch.putty.arabic
> > >
> > >Current CVS HEAD.
> > 
> > still not the correct version... i get a lot of rejects...
> Works for me.  You are applying it to the pristine PuTTY sources, and
> not the sources with _your_ patch already applied?

Yup works for me too.  I wasn't able to get on CVS for some reason, but
got the CVS tarball from the ViewCVS and applied the patch noted above,

  $ cd putty
  $ patch -p0 -b < ../patch.putty.arabic

and all worked fine.  You do have to be in the putty directory (ie. note
the 'cd' above); you might have a sticky cvs tag as well or something, make
sure to 'cvs co' into a brand new directory to be safe.  Hopefully this will
get us a much needed .exe for final testing.

Hope that helps and if not Ahmad catch me on IRC (#arabeyes on freenode)

 - Nadim

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