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BiCon 0.0.20040401 Released


This is my great pleasure to announce that BiCon 0.0.20040401 "Is
this the fake release or the one from yesterday" has been

I have put the tarball here:


Please move it to the Arabeyes download arena, then I will write
a better announcement letter.

In the mean time, since last night, almost everything in the
build process was rewritten.  bicon_console again renamed to
bicon, and bicon binary renamed to bicon.bin.

Bicon script is improved such that it does the Right Thing(TM)!
On X terminal emulators, loads the keymap using setxkbmap, and
goes back to the old state after exit!  Does the same on console
too.  (loads the last state keyboard, not the default)

So, after the ./configure; make; make install, invoke "bicon" and