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Upcoming QaMoose work

Here are my plans for the upcoming QaMoose-2.0 (speak-up if you see glaring
holes and/or issues).

I will be adding DICT protocol to QaMoose so that we can access our newly
created Wordlist.  QaMoose will then function as a web-client capable of
accessing a DICT server.  I'm unsure yet if it will be hardcoded to our
server only (via configuration of course) or user defined on the webpage
to go access any dictd server out there (this is rather minor in the
scope of things though).

In my initial research of DICT (eons ago), the following links were saved,

  dict        http://www.dict.org
  perl-server http://www.miranda.org/~jkominek/jiten
  perl-client http://search.cpan.org/author/NEILB/Net-Dict-2.07/
  Emacs       http://me.in-berlin.de/~myrkr/dictionary/index.html

and are mentioned here in case someone has further interest or likes to
see how I ended-up doing what I'm doing.

Here is a bit more detail on my plans.

 1. Keep all of QaMoose's functionality as is (ie. local mysql, etc).
    This is used primarily for people entering new words which they
    deem to be part of the vocabulary (ie. suggesting will still be there).
 2. Public queries (ie. not admin approve/reject) will access the DICT
    server automatically.  Admin approve/reject will, of course, probe
    the local mysql entries.
 3. Add a means to take approved entries from the local mysql and either,
    a. Create a supplementary dictionary out of them for local use only
       which would require hand insertion into the golden wordlist
    b. Automate the process described in step-a via possibly either a
       cron job and/or user prompt via the web form.
    c. Look into a native DICT method to do this (will require more
       research into DICF and/or engaging with DICT folk about protocol
       enhancement to create an 'augment' method)

Initially I will shooting for 3a (so as not to delay any further) and will
work on 2.x which will include other options.  This is no rocket science,
I just wanted to be clear and verbose.

I will post again on this topic once I have a test fixture in place.

Comments ?


 - Nadim

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