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Unicode text editor mined 2000 release 6


                         mined 2000 release 6

Mined was the first text mode editor with Unicode support.

New features in this release:
*	bidirectional terminal support handles Arabic ligature joining 
*	new command to go backward and forward along text positions 
	after search and other operations

Main enhancements:
(for details see the change log)
*	Added recognition of mouse wheel control sequences and attached 
	according behaviour - untested as I don't have a mouse wheel.
*	New key interpretations for shift-Return (shift-Enter) and 
	control-Return (control-Enter) to insert Unicode paragraph 
	separators and line separators respectively if Unicode 
	line-end handling is enabled.
*	Improved coded and mnemonic character entry on prompt line.
*	Fixed display problems in separated display mode 
	(for Unicode combined characters) on the status line.
*	Reviewed various commands for remaining fixes in UTF-8 handling.

Mined offers

	Good interactive features
	* an intuitive user interface
	* command control and pull-down menus available
	* control and function key or mouse control

	Many useful text editing features
	* extensive Unicode support, including double-width and 
	  combining characters, 
	  support for bidirectional terminals including Arabic ligature 
	  joining (LAM/ALEF), 
	  keyboard mapping and script highlighting
	* many text editing capabilities, e.g. paragraph wrapping, 
	  smart quotes, 
	  multi-line support in search and replacement patterns
	* program editing features, HTML support and 
	  syntax highlighting, identifier search
	* systematic text and file handling safety, avoiding loss of

	"Small-footprint" operation and portability
	* plain text mode (terminal) operation
	* instant start-up
	* cross-platform operation (Unix, DOS/Windows)

More information (with screenshots and change log) and download
are available from the mined web page at 

Thomas Wolff
mined at towo dot net