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Re: FreeHijri

On Mon, 9 Jun 2003, Youcef Rabah Rahal wrote:

> What I know is that there's a class specifically designed for QT and another 
> which is dependency-free.

Ah. Yes, I just noticed that.

> But I think both are kind of specific to .sa... 

They are.

> Well. Currently, I am in France. Now that there's an _official_ Islamic 
> Council here, it'd be maybe possible to get datas/algorithms etc (till now, 
> ppl more or less followed the religious calendars of their native 
> countries). I can try to get the same for Algeria too.

I will try to write guidelines for the human parts of the job as soon as 
we got there. But I guess we should start with the technical part. So, you 
have no objections to the technicalities?

Everybody else interested in the Hijri calendar, could you start looking
at your library or even Google and see what can you find generally about
the official Hijri of your country?

> So I'll be very happy to give my 'astronomical advice' :-))

Actually "Astronomical Computations advice"...