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Re: FreeHijri

From: Roozbeh Pournader
Subject: Re: FreeHijri
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2003 17:16:20 +0430 (IRST)

Well, yes, I was speaking indeed about a calendar 'in theory', and yes, the political situation is far from utopy and yes, we can't do do anything for that :-)

Well, I can't tell what does "Islamic Tools" really mean. I'm not
interested in the code to compute, say, prayer times. I'm interested in
the official Hijri calendars of all countries where the Hijri calendar is
one of the official calendards.

But from the code I saw, it's currently only the Saudi Arabia's Hijri
calendar for Qt.

What I know is that there's a class specifically designed for QT and another which is dependency-free. But I think both are kind of specific to .sa... Well, I suppose Yousef Al Harthi can speak about it more and better than I do :-)

Then get your hand on the book I mentioned, if you could. We can have your
advice on the astronomical parts of algorithm.

I'll try.

On the human part, we need a "calendar liberation" team in each country.
People who can go to officials and ask for the algorithm. People who can
go and find old calendars to see if they use a trivial pattern (like
alternating 29- and 30-day months). People who can go and search the
archives for the starting days of Ramadan and Shawwal in each of the
these countries for a few years into the past. People who ...

Well. Currently, I am in France. Now that there's an _official_ Islamic Council here, it'd be maybe possible to get datas/algorithms etc (till now, ppl more or less followed the religious calendars of their native countries). I can try to get the same for Algeria too.

Again, I am no calendars expert, my field of research is far from that. But my background maybe useful indeed. So I'll be very happy to give my 'astronomical advice' :-))


Youcef Rahal.

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