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Re: Need Arabic font and test doc for testing Vim patch

--- Steve Hall <digitect mindspring com> wrote:
> Nadim Shaikli wrote:
>  >
>  > In terms of fonts - microsoft has some (as was noted earlier); you
>  > can also find others on arabeyes' resource page (note "Free Fonts"
>  > section).  The complete 10x20 font file is also floating around (I'm
>  > not sure if its on the resource page -- M.Elzubeir is it ? If not
>  > could you please include it :-)
> Vim does not make any of these fonts available to me via the GUI font
> dialog (or rejects them if I try to override)... this on the Windows
> platform. Are any of these fonts monospace? (They don't appear so.)

I don't develop on windows nor do I really use it, so I'm not the right
person to say anything in this regard; maybe someone on the list would
be more helpful.  Try the following font (its the complete 10x20 file
cited earlier - the name differs so that the linux installed 10x20 file
doesn't override it).


>  > The instructions have already been pasted or you can read the entire
>  > Readme file,
>  >
>  >   http://cvs.arabeyes.org/cvsweb/projects/external/vim/README?rev=1.5
> Hmm... this appears Unix only, has there been success on Windows?

Yup, unix/linux centric; again, that's Arabeyes' main focus - Arabic in

>  > > I'd like to post these with our Arabic-supporting Vim binaries so
>  > > that non-speakers can reliably test. (And broaden all our horizons
>  > > a bit.)
>  >
>  > No problem.  I asked at one point Bram and the website maintainer to
>  > include Arabic screenshots of vim, but I never heard back (I had
>  > mailed them the shots).
> Our site references both your screenshots. If you can help me get this
> working I'll add more! (I assume the Linux side works, and won't
> explore this further for now. One partition at a time. ;)

Not sure where those screenshots are (I wasn't able to see them on
cream.sf.net - am I looking in the right place ?)  As for getting help
on the windows side, I do know that a couple of people on the list have
tried your recent package on windows - so let's hope they chime in
(Anmar, Isam, et al ?)

Again sorry for my window-lessness :-)

 - Nadim

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