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qtquran- new gui - un official

asslamo 3likom
i've finished the new gui and the code  , but it is still not in the project, 
so if you want to test it do the next:

after generating the configure script for qtquran with 
make -f Makefile.dist
download the modified files from
then put all the files in qtquran/src directory
make install

here is a fresh screen shot http://mohasr.haydarlinux.org/qtquran-new.png

some notes:
right arrow =next aya
left arrow   =prev aya
up arrow    =next sura
down arrow=prev aya
p		=play telawa
s		=stop telawa
esc		=exit program

please if you found any bug tell me :-)
Best Regards,
Mohamed Aser
member of Arabeyes.org