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Re: Bayani status


From: ayoub al othmany
Subject: Re: Bayani status
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 04:32:46 -0800 (PST)


--- Youcef Rabah Rahal wrote:

> Yes, that's a priority. Actually, for example no one
> except me know how to
> use the command script unless they read the code.
> And since this is not
> expected from an end user, we have to document and
> make a nice help :)

Once you estimate that the version is OK for
releseasing, I can help
in writing tutorials.

Thanks :) In fact, I plan to write help AND tutorials. I don't know on which one you'd like to work and in which language (arabic, english, french ?) the priority is arabic and/or english. It is possible to start writing this help from now on since Bayani skeleton is finished. Adding things will not disturb the rest of the application anymore. I don't plan to make significant changes, so if a

> > Actually, you are the 3rd person suugesting this > (not take shadda etc into > account). So i think this is the tendency. I'll take > this into account and i > think that it wouldn't be difficult to change it if > we find out later that > it is not appropriate.

I remember in one email you told that is difficult to
think to all the
possible forms of a word if we take into account of
the harakats. To whom are you
thinking  : to the developper , to the end user or
both ?

for the user I imagine one solution: let him write
words without harakats
and if he types TAB button, he gets all the
corresponding words (a kind of
tab-completion like in shells). I do not know if this
solution is realistic.

> Again, does anybody know about attempts/existing
> arabic symbolic
> computation/programming languages ? If no, we'll add
> COMPUTATION SYSTEM IN ARABIC" to Bayani's publicity
> :)

I do not know any and I am sure there is none: it
suffices to see
how difficult it is to have arabic support on linux

> I am also a regular LaTeX/Postscript user. To be
> frank, I first thought of
> bayani when i was thinking about writing scientific
> articles in arabic, so
> came the idea to have figures in arabic too. When
> bayani was a small Xlib
> app I wrote a function to save to EPS. Since bayani
> has eveolved, this
> function was not updated. QT permits to save into
> BMP/JPEG/PNG etc so I plan
> to add all those formats to bayani. So the user can
> save in his/her prefered
> format directly from bayani and not having to
> convert it later. I plan to
> add EPS/PS saving. If you are interested and you
> have some postscript
> language knowledge you can work on it if you like
> (it's totally your choice,
> i'm not forcing you :)). If you don't have any
> postscript language knowledge
> you can learn the necessry very quickly (less than
> one hour :)) since the
> only used concepts are points/lines/shapes and text
> drawing with postscript.
> I can give you the old xlib code and some
> references. Again, it is
> completely your choice :)

My knowledge of postscript programming is quite basic.
In some (not rare)
occasions, i had to "hack" ps files to suits my needs.

I have a 770-page book on postscript always on my desk
never got time to read it!! There is also the
possibility to
integrate directly into Bayani well-known tools
like png2ps,etc.. Maybe there is a source code

Are you sure that it is easy to write arabic text in
postscript ?
If you have very readable references, please send them
to me.
I could not guarantee you that this job will be done
so quickly but
I can keep myself busy with this.


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