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Katoob ststus report (Feb, 12 2003)

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Long time since the last report ;)
Katoob now has full BIDI support, An infrastructure that makes it easy to add more encodings "these are the most important highlights!"

* Release hindering TODO:
- - Fix the recent menu which doesn't save in the correct order.
- - An option in the  preferences dialog to set the default encoding used.
- - Move the HTML numerical reference stuff to an Import/Export menu
- - Some work for the spell checker "dictionaries list, skip Arabic words, Improve performance"
- - Some workarounds for the Gtk key bindings "HOME, END, ...... while in RTL or BIDI mode"
- - The buffer doesn't scroll when finding a match "searching"
- - Choosing not to save the configuration only works for the current session!

* Less important TODO:
- - No testing for the Iran System encoding.
- - Complete the lanuages names in the encodings dropdown list
- - An infrastructure to use all the xkb configured keyboards and allow the addition of emulator keymaps
- - A fix for bug #15

Just wanted to report this, but i don't think i'll be available for the next few days!

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