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Re: CVS quraan

On Sat, Feb 01, 2003 at 04:16:49PM +0200, Ahmad Kamal wrote:
> Dear all,
> 	I am just asking about the way to use CVS to access the quraan 
> 	project source code so that I can be of any help. I already have an 
> account. I did my google homework and know the cvs basics (checkout, edit 

I don't recall creating an account for you -- and now after double-checking
I am pretty sure you don't have a cvs account. 

> source code, commit), but I still can't connect correctly.
> It would be great if someone can show me a sample cvs session. (Just how to 
> connect and get all the files to a local directory) though I already 
> downloaded those files from the web (can I use those old files, I bet I 
> can, but how?)

If you follow the CVS HOWTO in the Docs page:
you should be fine. Simply use the 'anoncvs' cvs account and then submit
your patches via bugzilla (I think I have posted about this several times

> PS: I am using RedHat8. Mozilla is the only application that shows arabic 
> text. Does that mean I won't be able to use GnomeQuraan (bec it's arabic?). 
> If that's so, I'd suggest someone might write a getting started guide to 
> reading/writing arabic on linux (with importing fonts and all,  ahem** 
> Mohamed Sameer** ahem).
> Looking forward to committing my code next weekend : )

The rationale here is very simple -- there are too many people working
on the Quran project (it's a "good thing") -- however, as far as CVS
access, I think it is unwise to create one for everyone who sticks
his/her neck out to help. 

After discussing this with M.Yousif we have agreed on the following:
  1. New volunteers are to submit patches via bugzilla
  2. M.Damt and/or M.Yousif would review the patches and incorporate them
     accordingly on CVS.
  3. Once a volunteer has sufficiently proven one's self to be committed
     to the project, and both maintainers are satisfied with the quality
     of code, they may request that the person is given CVS access.

In other words, unless M.Yousif or M.Damt specifically request that someone
is given CVS access, they will have to contribute their patches and
work via bugzilla (that's why it's there).

I hope this helps clear any misunderstandings ;)

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