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Re: Developer Guide

On Sun, Dec 14, 2003 at 02:07:30AM -0800, Mohammed Elzubeir wrote:
> So, the silent ones have better speak up (yes, people like you
> M.Sameer ;)

Salam all,
And here I'm ;-)
1st sorry that I'm not participating in the discussions for a while, 
Though I really read all the mails I get from you all.
Ok let's start:

> Variable names should begin in lower-case characters. If it contains 
> multiple words, following words should begin with upper-case 
> characters. 

why that ?
if I have a variable foo_bar, now I'm required to foo_Bar ?
Now come on guys make things easy!

> Contant names should be in full CAPS. 
should be constant ;-)

spaces vs. tabs: discussed i think ;-)

Makefile.cvs: why not use the ./autogen.sh script ?
Most of the projects i see use an autogen.sh script. I didn't find the 
Makefile.cvs except in Qt apps.
and why run make -f Makefile.cvs when i can simply ./autogen.shh ?
with a proper autogen.sh you can pass arguments to the "configure" 
script. That's one.
The second is that writing a proper Makefile.cvs forces the developer to 
learn the syntax of Makefiles, That's bad.
and with the ./autogen script you can produce meaningfull errors and 
instructions on where to get the missing packages from the autotools "I 
think this can be done with the Makefile.cvs, but perhaps not that easy 
I can't think of more reasons as I'm typing this in a hurry!

I don't see a reason for the RCS headers ? why is it required ??
doxygen ? I don't think that's required if I'm not writing a library.

man pages are imp. for sure.

ChangeLog, Comeon guys DON'T complicate things. It's important but I 
don't think it's mandatory.
even for stable and odd for development. Are we maintaining such large 
projects ?
Please leave the versioning system for each project maintainer.

gtg :-)

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