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Re: farsi. farsi! farsi? farsi:

On Fri, 12 Dec 2003, Roozbeh Pournader wrote:

> Oops. Sent empty last time.
> > Akka 2.0, may make up a good name.  I too prefer not binding a
> > new name to the same functionality.  Perhaps we would want to
> > give some hints and credit to pre-2.0 Akka.  Roozbeh?
> I prefer a name more neutral. Something that is not against the
> nationalism of any Arab or Persian or Hebrew person. Go find some!

Nadim proposed something along 'beacon', as in 'bicon', as in
'bidi con{sole,dom}'.  I like both.  'bicon' goes more with
'fribidi's, but as we converted freebidi to fribidi, we do bicon
to beacon too.  I'm with "beacon" then.  [Roozbeh,Behnam: And we
can call it 'faanoos' :)].

> > Roozbeh's and mine are in LGPL.  (Roozbeh?).
> Confirmed. If the license is incompatible with other things, let us know
> so we can fix it.

The font may be GPL.  We surely want to keep library code in
LGPL.  Application stuff can go with GPL or LGPL.

> > Tables may need some update.  Roozbeh?
> They may need so. But I can't check that. Anyone interested, please
> check with the latest ArabicJoining.txt file in Unicode data files.

Not me ;-).  Behnam, can you give it a try?  Long time you have
not done these stuff.

> roozbeh