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Re: ITL applications

--- Thamer Mahmoud <neokuwait at hotmail dot com> wrote:
> I have managed to convert the current code into a shared library by
> using the autotools. The install process is now your basic:
> ./configure
> make
> make install
> (There is also a 'make dist' for auto creating packages. very helpful!).

Great !!  Thamer, do please register and let's get you a CVS account
so you can upload all these additions/modifications.


> After the installation is done, files go into /usr/local/lib/ and
> /usr/local/include/ and we can now build by linking to the library
> as usual:
> gcc test.c -o test -lm -lprayert
> Also, part of the installation process is to install the 'prayert'
> demo file into the user's bin directory. We could either remove this
> feature completely, or we could replace the current 'prayert' demo
> file with the complete app that you have developed. Thus the resulting
> package would include a library and a command line interface for using
> that library (this is similar to, for example, fribidi, but I'm not
> so sure if that is a common/right thing to do).

Yeah, I don't think the demo program would worth installing, but its
nice to have in the disto package to give potential new developers
something to look at that is small and to the point (ie. without any
bells and whistles :-)

> A couple more issues:
> - I'm currently not familiar with Qibla calculations but I have a book
>   with a couple of chapters on this issue that I might be reading if
>   necessary. In the mean time, if anyone familiar with it and is
>   interested in coding a simple C function, be my guest :)

Please do read and augment the library as necessary.  You can check
your work against what hdate's praytime produces for sanity checks.

> - We Still need a better name than the current or 'libprayert'?

That's fine for now, once we have a hijri library, we can combine
the two to produce a 'libitl'; in the meantime 'libprayer' is fine.

BTW: do you have any books on hijri calculations and conversion ;-)

> In the next few days, I'll be doing some more thorough API/style
> changes with the code (I'll update my code with what is currently in
> CVS) and then I will send the new package to you and/or Ahmad T.

Again, do please register (its a 2 minute process) so we can get
you going with your own CVS access so that you bypass all these
middlemen (the likes of me and others ;-)

Salam and keep at it.

 - Nadim

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