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Re: farsi. farsi! farsi? farsi: (fwd)

On Fri, 12 Dec 2003, Samy Al Bahra wrote:

> > Well, I'm afraid you are wrong, both from an ethical point of
> > view, and from the law's.  First, Akka is not a trademark or any
> > other type of shit.  Second, previous authers already get some
> > extra credit by those lazy people that do not read the AUTHORS
> > file, nor release notes ;-).
> Watch your mouth (Hey, I like the humor but I'm sure others on this
> mailing list do lack it :).

Well, now that I reread my sentence, it's misleading.  By the S
word I was just refering to trademarks, patents, and other kinds
of it, not Akka.  Sorry.

> Opensource is not a community driven by licenses but by actual
> intellectual property and on the basis of this you are completely
> correct.
> > I usually use bash where and only where C cannot be used.  In
> > this case, I agree that Pythong may be the answer.  I would get
> > to that later in this mail.
> No! We want a solution that provides no large dependencies like python.
> The wrapper scripts are pretty trivial and do not need the capabilities
> of python in any way. "Bashisms" just means your scripts are not
> sh-compatible and use some of Bash's new features (like Bash positional
> parameters, etc...). This is a trivial issue.

Oki.  sh is fine with me. ;-)

> > Done :-).  Now my file-by-file review that can be the basis for
> > further development.  Keep me posted please.  I don't go through
> > farsiredhat stuff, that's pretty easy to understand.  Here is the
> > structure of the farsi/ code, but the architecture can totally
> > change, should the future developers feel the need.
> That is one long e-mail Behdad. Thanks for taking the time to provide
> the details necessary to get this ball rolling again (finally).

You're welcome.