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Re: farsi. farsi! farsi? farsi: (fwd)

> Well, I'm afraid you are wrong, both from an ethical point of
> view, and from the law's.  First, Akka is not a trademark or any
> other type of shit.  Second, previous authers already get some
> extra credit by those lazy people that do not read the AUTHORS
> file, nor release notes ;-).

Watch your mouth (Hey, I like the humor but I'm sure others on this
mailing list do lack it :).

Opensource is not a community driven by licenses but by actual
intellectual property and on the basis of this you are completely

> I usually use bash where and only where C cannot be used.  In
> this case, I agree that Pythong may be the answer.  I would get
> to that later in this mail.

No! We want a solution that provides no large dependencies like python.
The wrapper scripts are pretty trivial and do not need the capabilities
of python in any way. "Bashisms" just means your scripts are not
sh-compatible and use some of Bash's new features (like Bash positional
parameters, etc...). This is a trivial issue.

> Done :-).  Now my file-by-file review that can be the basis for
> further development.  Keep me posted please.  I don't go through
> farsiredhat stuff, that's pretty easy to understand.  Here is the
> structure of the farsi/ code, but the architecture can totally
> change, should the future developers feel the need.

That is one long e-mail Behdad. Thanks for taking the time to provide
the details necessary to get this ball rolling again (finally).

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