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ITL applications

Ahmad.T/msx and Thamer - do please read this...

Ahmad, would you mind if I renamed your 'ah-date' application to be
'demo-app' akin to what has been done in the "prayertime" directory 
for consistency's sake ?  You are more than welcome to start a full
fledged hijri-date application if you like - do let me know so that
I know whether I should go down that path and create one.

I was planning on creating replacements for 'hdate' and 'praytime' in
the sense of offering the same functionality (and then some) along with
an active development community and an unambiguous license, etc.  I haven't
settled on any names yet - it would be best if both applications sounded
or had similar name-characteristics -- any suggestions for 'em (like,
idate and iprayertime or hijdate and hijprayertime or ...) ?

The current 'prayertime' can read ~/.prayerc (better name ?) in the
form of,

  # This is a test preference file
  City:           San Diego
  Latitude:         32.7157
  Longitude:      -117.1623
  UTC:            -8

Or can access the PT_DATA environment variable in the form of
"Cityname lat lon utc".  I will be hopefully adding a man page,
etc so this is just a head's up.  Let me know if there are any
issues (it's a pretty small application).

Thamer, the libraries are all there for you to do your magic on (do start
asking your "how to package libraries questions" :-).  One thing that I
did see missing from the 'prayerengine' is the ability to get the Qiblah's
direction based on current latitude/longitude.  For instance 'praytime'
(old code) would denote,

  Qiblah = 118 56' E (From N)    -- for london (its default)

it would be nice to have something like that added to the 'prayengine' lib.


 - Nadim

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