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Dear Sirs arabeyes Developers
If you are still wondering "How can I help ?" ;-)

We recommend that you look at our Projects' page,


hmm am new in you team ,, http://www.arabeyes.org/people.php?username=alkilani ,, I have read everything in ur website ,, but i sill have some quesion and hope that you are not disturbed from my questions .. :)

first :

1. What is Your goal ?
2. are there spical meeting for u to discuss ur work and to choose new projects ?
3. who choose the projects and what must be the goal of project if i wanna develop some thing ,, is it just to support arabic ?

i hope i can help u ,, may ican not directly coz all ur project must be in arabic and am nope :) in arabic ,, but i will be in the background ,, also i will try in this week to test all ur projects and if i have any idea , i think am welcome or :)

4. i saw in ur site a link about haydar linux ,,also i did download it from net but did not install it ,, is this Linux full arabic supported also with arabic programs ?

5. what are your future projects ?

hope you explain me a little bit to about the unixer/linuxer in the arabic world :)

sorry for my pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooor english thank u :)

Yours kilani

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