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Re: Corrected libquran RPM

Abu Bakar Al-Idrus wrote: 
> I inspected the code and found that error code "-7" means that libgnome cant find the audio (.spx) files. You will need to get those from the Arabeyes sourceforge download page (Beware: It's HUGE).

I won't have to download them, since i'm the author :)
I have them backed up on a cd.

> Actually, the only thing "wrong" with this RPM is that it doesnt include the Quran audio data. Upon inspecting /usr/share/libquran/libquran.xml, you will find that it is looking for Quran audio in /usr/share/libquran/audio.
> Copy the Quran audio into that directory manually and it should work. I cant include it in the RPM since its so HUGE!

OK. I'll try that and get back to you.

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