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Re: Willing to help with RPM Packaging

To Munzir, 

I think I will put katoob, duali and the Arabic fonts as my next target for RPM packaging. Then perhaps you or another mandrake user could modify the RPM to better suit Mandrake Linux.

To Sameer,

Thanks for the link to the  spec file. I will certainly take a look at it at least as a guide.

On Wed, 20 Aug 2003 00:02:26 +0300 Munzir Taha Obeid <munzirtaha at myrealbox dot com> wrote:

: Good news and you come exactly in time to the rescue.


: As a Mandrakeclub.com member I voted for katoob, duali projects at

: mandrakeclub.com (check them please to see whether I have made something

: wrong). You can find them now in the main page as requested packages. We need

: either to wait for a volunteer to package them as Mandrake rpm or we do it

: ourselves. If it's not very difficult I will try to learn it myself. Till

: then if you can do it for me you will help me a lot. Actually more than a

: lot.


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