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Re: merge emacs-bidi into the main tree

In article <E19oBXI-0000Ro-TE at fencepost dot gnu dot org>, Richard Stallman <rms at gnu dot org> writes:
>     Synchronizing emacs-unicode to HEAD will take a few weeks
>     more.  After that, I'll take a look at Eli's code and decide
>     what to do.  In any cases, I will install the changes for
>     BIDI in the branch emacs-unicode-2 because the current codes
>     of emacs-bidi depends on automatic-composition facitliy to
>     display Arabic and Hebrew, and that exists only in
>     emacs-unicode (and in emacs-bidi) version.

> I am not sure what this means.  What is the difference between the
> branch emacs-unicode-2 and the branch emacs-unicode?

To reflect the changes in HEAD to the Unicode version of
emacs, I made a branch emacs-unicode-2.  When I finish the
work, emacs-unicode branch will be an obsolete branch.

Ken'ichi HANDA
handa at m17n dot org