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Re: Presentation and question about quran project


On Wed 25 Sep 2002 11:42, Mohammed Yousif wrote:
> Most (if not all) translators don't expect/want any money from their work
> in translating the Qur'an, so I don't think they would mind if we used
> their translation, but anyway a permission to use their text would be nice
> :-)

I've written some days ago to www.webislam.com, where there's a great spanish 
translation. I'm waiting their answer...

> > 	-Is there any automated engine to generate the xml?
> well, that depends, if you have the text in a database it will be trivial
> to write a script to generate the xml file (Hatem already did that)
> If you have the text in a file, there should be another way to parse it
> Then I wrote the attached php script to parse quran.txt and output
> quran.en.xml !

Thanks a lot, it will be perfect. As soon we had the permission for the text, 
i'll begin to format it and prepare for that great script.