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Current katoob status

Here is the current status of katoob:

*Latest stable version: 0.2.1
*Version under development: 0.2.5

Changes from the latest status report:
	Completed all the missing menu bar functions
	The ability to import HTML Numerical reference "Thanks alaa for the code optimization"
	All of the dialogs are transient on the main window
	Saving BIDI tags  in the HTML numerical format
	Can open multiple files from the command line
	Documents menu that displays all open documents
	Fixed all the recent menu problems with a new data structure
	Implemented the runtime debugging function as a macro
	Removed the GConf support to keep the dependencies to the minimum
	The Arabic emulator works now for the search dialog
	A new preferences dialog "Still non functional"
	More GNOME Human Interface Guidelines compliance for the menu bar & the tool bar
	A new logo for katoob ;)
	Fixed a bug that caused the search to be performed twice
	The tab label now shows you the current buffer status "Saved or not"
	A popup menu to the toolbar to select its style
	Save a copy has been implemented
	Revert has been implemented

Features to be implemented before the next stable version:
	The ability to save plain text, iso encoding, windows encoding if BIDI tags exists in the buffer"Non UTF-8"
	Complete the preferences dialog
	The ability to specify an unlimited recent menu entries
	The ability to Enable, Disable, Limit the size of the undo history

You can get the latest cutting-edge version from Arabeyes.org CVS
For the latest stable version, Please visit http://www.arabeyes.org/project.php?proj=Katoob
Feel free to suggest any features you like here or on the Arabeyes Developer mailing list or emailing my personally

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