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Re: katoob does not run!


My Inbox Happily Received This From Nadim Shaikli @ Thu, 28 Nov 2002 13:52:02 -0800 (PST)

> --- Amir Bukhari <ufz6 rz uni-karlsruhe de> wrote:
> >
> [snip snip]
> >
> > Now I have upgraded my Gnome to ver 2 and then katoob has work fine in 
> > local host. but I have a network and I allways using windws but I 
> > connect to my linux server via X server for windows ( Exceed ver 7.0.0) 
> > and I have installed the arabic fonts on it and it use also the xfs 
> > server from my linux server, but katoob does not show them ( arabic 
> > text) like in local host. did you how to solve this problem.
that's strange, before i upgrade to gnome2 i had only gtk2 and it was running perfectly, i think it maybe a font related issue
good that it's working with you

> As for your problem, it sounds like an Exceed setting/problem to me.
> It could be that exceed only likes a certain subset of the fonts
> (proportional width arabic characters vs. mono-spaced ones); windows
> and thus Exceed will use windows' TrueType fonts.  My sugestion is
> to see if you can use the same TrueType fonts on katoob as the ones
> you have on your windows machine.  If all else fails, contact hummingbird
> about this since its a legit issue which they should include into their
> FAQ or help database.
a little comment:
Katoob doesn't react with ttf directly like yudit "that's handled by gtk"
gtk can't find your fonts, Actually i don't have any experience with the Debian internals "failed to get a copy too ;)"
wish to help more, but i think Nadim did it 1st.

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