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Re: katoob does not run!

--- Amir Bukhari <ufz6 rz uni-karlsruhe de> wrote:
[snip snip]
> Now I have upgraded my Gnome to ver 2 and then katoob has work fine in 
> local host. but I have a network and I allways using windws but I 
> connect to my linux server via X server for windows ( Exceed ver 7.0.0) 
> and I have installed the arabic fonts on it and it use also the xfs 
> server from my linux server, but katoob does not show them ( arabic 
> text) like in local host. did you how to solve this problem.
Salam. A couple of things, please try to keep your posts 80-characters
wide (as a maximum) and try to only include relevant parts in your
replies (in terms of including previous text).

As for your problem, it sounds like an Exceed setting/problem to me.
It could be that exceed only likes a certain subset of the fonts
(proportional width arabic characters vs. mono-spaced ones); windows
and thus Exceed will use windows' TrueType fonts.  My sugestion is
to see if you can use the same TrueType fonts on katoob as the ones
you have on your windows machine.  If all else fails, contact hummingbird
about this since its a legit issue which they should include into their
FAQ or help database.

BTW: I am _very_ interested in what you find out, so please keep the
     list posted with your findings and investigations (ie. please
     write-up a paragraph once you're done showing what people need
     to do in order to view Arabic via Exceed).

In passing, you might also see if you can view any arabic when you
"cat" an arabic utf-8 file within mlterm while using Exceed.


 - Nadim

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