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Re: gnomequran inquiry

On Sat, Nov 09, 2002 at 09:11:45AM +0100, NOUSHI Reda wrote:
> The point is that if we don't do that, 
> . what do we do when we don't find the first language? Why should we
> assume that some language has to be present with libquran, even when
> it's arabic! not all muslims understand arabic, and it takes place like
> 10megs (on my box, I struggle to get free megs in /)
> . how to get the front-ends to know all the languages available? 

you can browse the libquran struct

> . should we reinstall libquran or our frontends to make it see the new
> language?

just add the XML to data directory and libquran will know it

I noticed a segfault when opening turkish XML data. I traced it and
found that segfault came from libexpat. This could be an incompatible
encoding between UTF-8 (default of libexpat) and turkish charset. 
can any one help in this issue?

Mohammad DAMT <mdamt at mdamt dot com> http://www.mdamt.net
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