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Re: gnomequran inquiry

Hi again,
I've just read the 'Re: quran' thread!
I noticed something about quran_init():
why does quran_init() need to specify a language? Can't we have a step
where we get all the languages available? that would be called
and then quran_open(<language>) does the previous quran_init() thing.
The point is that if we don't do that, 
. what do we do when we don't find the first language? Why should we
assume that some language has to be present with libquran, even when
it's arabic! not all muslims understand arabic, and it takes place like
10megs (on my box, I struggle to get free megs in /)
. how to get the front-ends to know all the languages available? 
. should we reinstall libquran or our frontends to make it see the new
libquran is the most adequate to deal with that information.
Hope this can be of any use,
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