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Re: akka/38: Akka autotools fixes (security, speed, beauty)

While we're at it,

(Samy's part of the list, right?)

Samy, (or anyone else interested) apart from cleaning the code, I don't think
there's much left to do in Akka besides the following:
- GUI client (ncurses for example?) for configuration
- Make Akka and GPM cooperate, or much better, integrate Akka in the kernel for the
soft that still doesn't go through it.

The GUI part is quite easy in fact for any programmer who's not a newbie from a
technical stand but requires some work. The other part is hard and requires advanced

If you feel the guts for any of both, or any other addition of features, the project
is yours, I'll give up the maintainance to you.

Yalla, salaam,