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Re: [OT] Square Root (was Re: fribidi + joining/shaping)


Check this link http://www.roma.unisa.edu.au/07305/symbols.htm#Radical .This is the one I could find by now. It says however that the arabic "Jidhr" sign didn't influence the europeans. But it shows at least that I am not crazy ! (it is the website of an australian university).

I can give you also the reference of this book (in french, sorry): http://www.amazon.fr/exec/obidos/ASIN/2020395495/171-0006224-1764278 .It is written by a serious person that works in Orsay university in "Paris" on the history of science (in europe ;)). There you can find arabic original texts written in north africa long before the europeans started to use the radical sign.

Europeans stated for centuries that the arabs were only a link between greece and the modern civilization and tried to occult their contribution. Now the europeans themselves (based on manuscripts) recognize that the arabs did a considerable work in maths, physics, chemistry, medecine etc... and recognize the past occultation.

Now, did the arabs or the europeans invent the radical sign ? I think that it has no influence on how to solve the actual issues
of Unicode and so on ;) I wanted only to show that this is neither a Myth nor a lie.


PS: I apologize for opening this parenthesis (which i close definetely) on the developer list.

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