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Re: Speex Beta 4

I actully tested it yesterday, and it's compatible
with beta3. Even the file size is about5 % less than
than beta3. Anyway, I think I'll just wait for a
month or so to see if version1 . 0comes out as they
seem to *really* improve the sound quality. So, I'm
keeping the .wav files to be able to encode them
again if when I need.


Mohammed Yousif wrote:
On Wednesday 25 December 2002 19:07, Isam Bayazidi wrote:

On Wednesday 25 December 2002 20:52, Ossama Khayaat wrote:

Assalamou Alaikom,
I've noticed that Speex encoder Beta 4 is now available.
They mention that it has lots of improvments over the
previous beta 3. Do you think I should use this instead
of the one I'm using to encode the audio files for the
Qur'an project, or just wait until the first RC or
stable version is out?
Please suggest.

Is it backward compatable ? are files encoded with Beta4 compatable with the player from the previous release ? does it bring better compression ? will it save space ?

If it's backward compatible as isam noted then it's completely your choice.