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Re: TODO libquran

On Thursday 26 December 2002 02:57, Maher . wrote:
> Hi Brothers,
> Finally I have vacation. I installed mandrake 9 and downloaded the Quran
> Project files. And after hours of trying I finally managed to compile and
> run libquran and QtQuran (Yes, It's not easy for a standard Windows/Visual
> C++ developer like me).
> I studied libquran and I finally know now how it works. But I didn't
> understand exactly what was ment last time with warsh and qa'loon (or
> qanoon).
> I want to work on libquran this week and next week. Can we discuss about it
> on irc this week? Make a time when you can and notify me about it.
I'm busy these days but I can commit some time so I can see you on IRC.
from 12 to 21 CLT I can commit some time so pick your choice and tell me about 

Mohammed Yousif
"She is in my mind and soul, I love her with all my heart and blood".
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